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4 Steps to a Bikini Body—Pet Edition

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4 Steps to a Bikini Body—Pet Edition

Just like us, our fluffy friends love a good meal. We love to treat them as much as we treat ourselves, and somehow extra pounds just make our pets look more adorable. However, pet obesity is a serious issue that can shorten your critter’s life and lead to higher chance of injury and disease. [1] While there is a rising number of high-end solutions just for pets—fitness classes, fat camps, and even liposuction,[2] there are easy steps you can take to slim down your pudgy pet.

    In the United States, 53% of dogs are overweight, up from 45% four years ago. In cats, the figure is almost 58%.

  1. Use this Pet Weight Translator from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention—it will show you how your pet’s weight translates to a human of your height.
  2. Once you recover from the shock, make a plan! Just like a person who wants to lose weight, your cuddlebug will benefit from diet and exercise. Consult with a veterinary specialist.
  3. Who can resist the big puppy (or kitten) eyes of a pet who is dying for a bone-shaped cookie? No one should be expected to have that kind of willpower, so break that treat up into several pieces. Understand the caloric needs of your pet and how those treats play into it. If two treats a day is their max, break two treats into thirds so you can give them a treat six times. Once the treats are gone, be strong and give out belly rubs instead of treats when Fluffy comes begging.
  4. If you have a dog, take them for a walk every day. If you have a cat, make sure they have plenty of toys they can chase and make time to play with them every day. No excuses! Pets need exercise to stay healthy, and taking time to work out with them is great for bonding!

Follow these tips and work with your veterinarian to manage your pet’s weight. This will keep your pet happy, healthy, and part of your family for years to come.


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