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3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool and Safe in the Summer

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3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool and Safe in the Summer

In the height of summer, temperatures hit at 90 and above—great for pooches who love a good swim, but not great for other animals. If you are able to keep your pet in air conditioning all day, it’s great to spare them the summer heat and humidity. If you’re hot and sweaty outdoors, imagine being covered in head to toe fur! Since we don’t want to keep Rover all cooped up though, here are some steps you can take to ensure your pets can safely venture outdoors.

Extreme temperatures can cause heatstroke

  1. Keep plenty of cool, fresh water in your pet’s water bowl at all times. They need to stay hydrated, especially after a romp at the park or any time spent outside.
  2. Never leave a pet in a parked car. Even if you crack the window, the inside of the car will reach dangerous temperatures in minutes.[1] This is, at best, extremely uncomfortable for your pooch, and at worst, a death sentence.
  3. Plan all of your outdoor adventures for early morning or evening. Once the sun has started to go down, the heat will become more tolerable. Even at those hours, keep a close eye on your pooch and go somewhere cool if they look lethargic or cannot stop panting (since panting is a cooling mechanism for a dog, like sweating for humans.) If you see any alarming symptoms such as dizziness, excessive salivation, vomiting, or others, your pet may have heatstroke and should see a veterinarian immediately. Ice packs and air conditioning are an immediate treatment.[2]

Follow these steps to have a fun and safe summer with your beloved critters! Also, make sure you consult a veterinary specialist about other summer hazards, such as sunburns and mosquito bites, and how they recommend you prevent them.


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