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Excellent Veterinary Care Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune!

So many pet parents are frustrated with the rising cost of veterinary medicine. The cost of even the basic services such as wellness exams, vaccines, dental cleanings, and routine surgeries are getting too expensive. As a result, a growing number of pets receive less than optimum care, some developing more serious and costly health issues later on. This breaks my heart!

It is this situation that has led me to create a high quality, low cost veterinary hospital that makes it easy for pet parents to take the best care of their pets. We are a full service pet hospital where pets receive excellent veterinary care they deserve, at a truly affordable price.

dr. sue mace - veterinarian

Dr. Sue Lee Mace – Veterinarian

How can we deliver low cost and still provide excellent quality?

  • We don’t have a large corporate structure to manage and support. We just have dedicated employees that love their jobs and are passionate about providing the best loving care to your pets at a low cost.
  • We don’t have excessive square footage to support, we are efficient, and as a result have less overhead.
  • We don’t own high cost real estate and we are not in a high rent neighborhood.
  • We take less markup.  We take a minimal markup to pay our overhead and no more.
  • When we negotiate best prices from our vendors, we don’t add it to our bottom line; instead, we pass the savings on to you.  Every product decision we make is based on quality first.

We are a full service veterinary hospital and surgical facility

We are wonderful modern state of the art hospital with top-notch veterinarians providing excellent compassionate care. It is a unique concept hospital designed to allow pet parents to watch their pets being treated by our caring staff. We are proud to show you the loving care that we give to each and every pet. You no longer have to wonder what is happening in the “back” when your pet is taken to be treated. We post our low prices on an electronic video board in the lobby and on our website so you don’t have to wonder what services will cost. We have extended hours and are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Come see why we are different!

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